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Nursing’ is such a novel professions where one can earn enough for one’s better living as well as get spiritual satisfaction simultaneously. The scope and opportunity for the nursing profession, in-home and abroad, is gradually increasing. Besides fulfilling the internal need for nurses they also can earn foreign currencies by providing their services abroad and can play an important role in the national economy. But unfortunately, government initiatives for nurses are too insufficient to create a good number of qualified nurses. We took the initiatives and has established Sneha Nursing College.

Women are generally neglected, especially in our society, as they are neither well educated nor well established and basically in most cases this group is being treated as the inferior one as they are economically vulnerable and does not make any remarkable financial contribution to the family. This is why, the philosophy of the Sneha Nursing College is to provide quality nursing education to this women group so that they can become skilled manpower, can earn enough to support their family needs, can change their lifestyle and can live with dignity and honour.